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AW Solutions is a premier enterprise Salesforce consultancy and software development company specialising in the custom implementation of technology solutions to increase your competitive advantage. AW Solutions’ expertise has been built over 14 years and more than 380 successful projects with major clients across three continents.


Our track record

107 Certifications Show all
195 Integrations
436 Projects See all
15 Years
21 Countries (USA, EU, Africa, Middle East)
9 Segments

Quality is our top priority

We are agile, and we couldn’t do it any other way. We use Scrum agile methodology to ensure high project success, closer co-operation with the customer and faster time-to-market.

Every development iteration is delivered on time and on budget. Our customers are part of the development cycle and can observe the actual status of the project with full transparency.

We measure quality through the satisfaction of our clients with the outcome of our work. As well as an error-free and integrated product tested at various levels, this in particular means meeting customer requirements.

Adding value in every stage

AW Solutions adds value to companies at every stage of their development, offering consulting and implementation for firms just starting out, or remote administration, consulting and training for established companies.

We take responsibility for successful project outcomes and assign experts to ensure that outcome. Our analysis identifies needs and risks in time to help you make the right decisions.

Because our projects are divided into agile “sprints,” we can iterate based on feedback received along the way. And when the software is written, we make sure it’s thoroughly tested, supported from top to bottom, and integrated effectively with the client’s other systems.


What our clients say about us

“I particularly appreciate AspectWorks’ speed and flexibility in their dealings and the quality of the specialists they provide.” PETR MASOPUST PROJECT MANAGER, HYPOTEČNÍ BANKA, A.S. Show references

One-of-a-kind Team

Our talented, committed team balances between technical excellence and the human dimension. We’re as passionate about business as we are about technology.

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One-of-a-kind culture

We work hard and have fun
We are responsible and committed
We collaborate and support our Teams
We learn and share knowledge

Our commitment

Since its founding in 2005, AW Solutions has grown from a small startup into a company providing world-class solutions, developing reliable software and providing the know-how of top developers, architects, analysts, programmers, testers and project managers to dozens of clients worldwide. At AW Solutions, quality comes first.



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